Running Missoula


These days when I’m out in Missoula, I swear half the town is running at any given moment. On the streets, on the trails, and in the hills. In August, ultra fast guy Justin Yates and his wife Paige were about to make the move to Eugene, OR. Before Justin moved, he wanted to pay homage to a mountain that had been a large part of his time in Missoula. As Justin wrote: So with more than a handful of mountain “projects” left undone, I shift the scattered attention of my final energies here to the mountain that has formed the largest part of my personal Montana geography, Mt. Sentinel. Tomorrow (8.26) at 12pm, I’ll embark on an effort to give everything I have to our home hill for 24 hours. Make no mistake, I’m not reaching for any numbered goal or applaud of athletic achievement. I simply wish to do my best and say goodbye to my “place” and my friends.

Justin was indeed joined by friends at different times during his effort, and most of the “team”  joined him for one last lap. He climbed and descended a total of 17 times over the course of those 24 hours, for a total of somewhere around 40-ish miles with 35,000+ feet of elevation gain. Coach CT Fletcher would approve I’m sure. Though Mike Foote said that if anyone from moves in the near future, they will have to run at least 18 laps before they can leave.

As for the other thousands of runners in Missoula, some of them ran in the Missoula Marathon, while others suffered and celebrated while running the Rut 50k in Big Sky, Montana. More on that soon….

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Run The Rut PREP


Traveling down with @wolfepaw to do some touch up of the Rut course. 50 Miles – 11,000′ of climbing. The Rut is the finals of the Skyrunner World Series this year. A true European course on a big Montana mountain. You know it’s challenging when there’s a rope to help you with the descents!

0420_July132014_RobertsonTom 0687_July132014_RobertsonTom 0648_July132014_RobertsonTom 1009_July132014_RobertsonTom 1048_July132014_RobertsonTom


0300_July132014_RobertsonTomThe 24-mile Crows Pass Crossing race just outside of Anchorage, AK is like nothing I’ve seen. A race where at the pre-race meeting the director tries to talk everyone out racing. It’s a point -to point-race, with no markings on the trail. A bear had been shot the week before on the route and dragged just to the side of where the racers would be running. Though as the race director said, the bears are your least of your worries. If you fall and hurt yourself, there’s really no way to rescue you. If you finish the race and don’t die on the course, your reward is a Snickers bar. It has stunning scenery. And in the end, no one died.  The photos above are of Matt, Adam and Alan… before and after. Matt got 3rd overall with a time of 3:09. Remember, it’s a 24-mile trail run with a 1/4 mile river crossing.  No wonder he looked like that at the end of the race. Alaska isn’t for the weak.