0300_July132014_RobertsonTomThe 24-mile Crows Pass Crossing race just outside of Anchorage, AK is like nothing I’ve seen. A race where at the pre-race meeting the director tries to talk everyone out racing. It’s a point -to point-race, with no markings on the trail. A bear had been shot the week before on the route and dragged just to the side of where the racers would be running. Though as the race director said, the bears are your least of your worries. If you fall and hurt yourself, there’s really no way to rescue you. If you finish the race and don’t die on the course, your reward is a Snickers bar. It has stunning scenery. And in the end, no one died.  The photos above are of Matt, Adam and Alan… before and after. Matt got 3rd overall with a time of 3:09. Remember, it’s a 24-mile trail run with a 1/4 mile river crossing.  No wonder he looked like that at the end of the race. Alaska isn’t for the weak.