robertsont_130730_3869I’m in California with these two guys, North Face ultra runners Mike Wolfe and Hal Koerner. Tomorrow morning we will all hike to the top of Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 at 14,500′, and they will begin to run the John Muhr Trail. 210 miles with boatloads of climbing ending in Yosemite. They are trying to run it faster than others, and set a record of sorts…. or FKT (Fastest Known Time). After shooting their first couple of miles I’ll bust it back down, drive up the road and hike in a few hours and meet up with them again. I hope to do this a handful of times before they finish. For the social media savvy you can keep up on Instagram or Twitter at hashtags #thenorthface and #jmtfkt.